About me

Long ago in the wilds of the land known as Texas, a young boy learned to draw a house. He was taught by his mother during church services as a way to keep him still and quite. It worked most of the time.

That young boy grew and drew. Then he drew and grew some more.  His parents called him, Tyler Davis.  His friends call him, Tyler.  Eventually he started school and then moved onto community college.  It was there at this humble local college Tyler learned to paint.  Tyler began to enjoy color beyond the grey shades of graphite.  While attending the local college he had his first show and subsequent sale. It was a memorable evening for the young artist. A few months after the show, he graduated from his first college with an Associates of Arts.

Two years later, Tyler moved to the northern lands of Wyoming to battle rivers, rocks, and insolent boy scouts as a river guide.  It was in this wild frontier known as Jackson, Wyoming that he would meet the young girl he would later manage to convince to marry him.  It was also in the neighborhood so to speak of the college that would hone his skills as an illustrator.

Being an artist was not what Tyler had expected when he started the illustration program at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  It involved many late nights.  Not to mention cuts, burns, and general mental fatigue.  He seemed to survive only on the praises of his professors, the attention of his dear wife to be (it didn’t hurt that her parents liked him enough to always set a dinner plate for him), friends, and X-file marathons airing on late night cable.  But it was enough to finish all classes with flying colors and earn a Bachelors of Fine Art. The most exciting time of his schooling came when his girlfriend, Bregelle Davis; artist of some renown, said “Yes” to his proposal and then they were wed.

Now finished with schooling, Tyler and his lovely wife live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here they continue what they learned in school. Bregelle is a fine artist and shows in galleries across the country. Tyler has begun making his own line of shirts, freelance graphic design and illustration, and loving life.