Thank you for visiting my web portfolio! I'm available to teach art lessons in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I have great news, I'll even come to your home or studio. Drawing and water based mediums are my specialties, but I can provide help with oil paints as well. If you would like to know how to start painting digitally, I can help with that too. My teaching philosophy is based on learning the principals of design to lay a strong foundation to expand and explore from. I accept students from 8 to adult.

My pricing and tiers of teaching:

8-11 years old:
We begin with the basic art principals and experiment with various mediums. I'll teach lessons on how to draw anything from buildings to animals to learning the human form. We can schedule lessons as needed, weekly, monthly or have a summer style program.
Cost: $20 an hour -- There is a discount if you have more then one child in your family wanting are lessons.

12-16 years old:
My lessons will be tailored to fit the skill level of the student. At any skill level, my student will receive a more in depth education of the elements of design. Their skills in drawing and painting will be enhanced and we'll learn about the fascinating interplay of lights verse shadows. A very important part of my lessons will be centered around human anatomy and proper proportions. It's very exciting.
Cost: $25 an hour

17 years old to Adult:
Any level of experience is welcome. Each student will receive tailored lessons to what they are interested in learning to enhance their skills and techniques. As part of the curriculum, we'll study composition, color theory, and experiment with different types of materials. We'll also learn techniques to enhance drawing and painting skills. My goal is to help each student excel and exceed their own expectations. At this level, it's important to develop a personal voice and style. We will also continue exploring figure studies.
Cost: $40 an hour

From experience I have found that 2 hours are best for adult lessons.

A $5 travel fee applies you live more then 15 miles from 2700 E. 3300 S.